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6 Coping Tips for Young Entrepreneurs in an Ever-Changing World

Over the last few months, not only has a pandemic forced us into lockdown, but also our current political climate has caused worry for many people. All of this can make it stressful to go about daily life, especially as a young person.

So we’ve created some coping tips for young entrepreneurs to use…

1. Keep and maintain a routine

Set an alarm so you can wake up at a reasonable time. This allows you to use your day to do something  – anything. It can also stop you from getting yourself into a slump. Having set times you to do things, such as work on your business, schoolwork or exercise will make you feel more productive and help you maintain a sense of normality. 

2. Make sure goals are manageable 

It’s common for people to set huge, overwhelming goals and then feel disappointed when they can’t achieve them. To avoid this, break your goals down into smaller, more manageable goals that will help you achieve your bigger, overall goals. Take it step-by-step. With the current restrictions, you might find that you are limited in what you can achieve, but just do what you can until the restrictions are eased. 

3. Communication

If you’re struggling, be sure to talk to someone about it. Depending on your situation, you may be feeling lonely or isolated in the current circumstances. If you are feeling this way, try and talk to someone in your household, send a message to a friend or family member online, or if you are currently seeing one of our business coaches you can talk to them about your struggles, too. Talking openly and honestly about your worries is a much healthier way than bottling up your emotions. 

4. Be mindful of which news sources you are taking in

As a young businessperson it is important to keep informed on current events, but watching the news too much can increase levels of anxiety and stress. Some news sources like to scaremonger, which you want to avoid. Find a news source that is informative but not overly negative. Also, try and be conscious of the amount of news you take in – you want enough information to keep in the loop, but too much that it’ll spike any anxieties. 

5. Exercise 

A little bit of exercise, even if it’s just a walk around your local area, a run, or following along to an exercise video on YouTube, can boost your serotonin (your happy hormone) and keep you motivated. It doesn’t have to be hardcore or super intense – it can be something simple, easy and enjoyable. 

6. Rest

Sometimes you might feel like you have to be productive and keep busy all the time. However, this isn’t true or good for you. Taking time for yourself to do whatever it is you enjoy or relaxes you is very important for your emotional and mental wellbeing. Make some time to lay-in one or twice a week, watch your favourite TV show, play some computer games or read. Taking a break to rest is just as important as whatever you are working on. 

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