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How Our Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Crowdfunding Game

Crowdfunding is a fairly new method for raising money. It combines traditional fundraising with modern technology and marketing techniques.

The concept brings together ideas and funding to enable collective action on a grand scale. It gives you the opportunity to raise money from a large amount of people, instead of going through only 1 or 2 traditional routes. The focus is on small, manageable contributions and producing an exciting campaign. This campaign helps the audience buy into the proposal, whether it’s a business venture, creative project or personal need.

Crowdfunding provides you with the option to offer rewards and perks in exchange for a donation towards the campaign. This ultimately enables you to launch or fulfil a project with a huge backing.

Tell us about the Crowdfund for Change course!

Here at Business Launchpad we work with young people, motivating and inspiring them to dream big, reach their full potential and overcome barriers.

All participants took part in an 8 week course which consisted of a series of workshops, skill sharing and 1-1 support from our wonderful coaches.

Attendees experienced a fun online interactive course which delved into the world of crowdfunding. The entrepreneurs gained skills and confidence in order to build their businesses whilst understanding how to launch a campaign. Additionally, they were taught how to best utilise the potential funding. 

See below what Veronica would have told herself or any other young entrepreneur starting their crowdfunding journey! 

Crowdfunding for change advice

What can we expect from the event?

barriers. You can expect to join a lively, fun atmosphere where you can connect with like-minded individuals, gather business and crowdfunding tips, hear live pitches from entrepreneurs on the course and even donate to your favourite campaigns!

Come and support these entrepreneurs on their crowdfunding journey as they bravely pitch to YOU! Prepare to clap and cheer as we celebrate their achievements!

When does the event take place?

The event takes place online on Wednesday 28th October at 6 – 7.30pm. Once registered, you will receive a zoom link closer to the time. Keep your eyes peeled!

How can we find out more?

First things first, register now! We wouldn’t want you to miss out! Sign up here:

Head over to our Instagram (@Businesslaunchpad) and Twitter (@BusinessLP) accounts to follow the campaign updates.

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