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Shape Your Own Future & Career

Business Launchpad have launched a new, innovative programme, BeFit4Life, to support young people in finding their passion. The programme is a multi-partner initiative, run in collaboration with Generation Success and the Policy Centre for African Peoples.

What’s on offer?

The programme will include business coaching and advice, mentoring opportunities in STEM, as well as healthy lifestyle workshops to increase confidence and wellbeing.


What will happen at the event?

The first part of the event will include introductions from staff and the ins and outs of the program. The staff will explain what you will receive from each organization and how to sign up. To better understand who you will working with, we will play videos of the organizations we have partnered up with. A brief run-down of the role that the Business Launchpad will be playing will also be explained. 

Who will be at the event?

Other than the amazing staff that are facilitating this program, we will be joined by an exciting guest speaker, who will share their story of their trials and tribulations from how it started to where they are now in their success. This will be a great opportunity to see the details of a success story and ask any burning questions you may have that may help your journey.  

What will you do at the event?

There will be several fun activities during this event, such as describing your own ’this is what it started’ to ’this is now’ memes in virtual breakout rooms. This will be an exciting chance to see where you are starting from and what your end goal will be.

There are also fun, creative icebreakers planned (don’t worry, they’re not the ones that will make you go ‘oh my gosh please don’t pick me’!), for a great way to get to know one another and to feel relaxed. 

Sign up today!

To be part of this event, don’t hesitate to sign up today by going to our Eventbrite page

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