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The Ultimate Business Formula?

Did we crack it? Is there definitive business formula that will not fail? We wish we could make the claim for this magical formula but we can’t. What we do have is a simple, flexible formula used by Chique, our Start-up Business Coach.

Let’s Break it down.

The core of the formula is PEOPLE + PRODUCT/SERVICE.

On the most simple level, we need these two components to make a business function. They need each other to happen. The PEOPLE part includes you, the entrepreneur, your team and partners.

Now, for the glue, the electricity, the vibe, the leverage of your idea – the VALUE. Understanding your value proposition makes it clear to your PEOPLE (including investors and funders) the importance of your offer and the need or want it fills. This understanding lays the pathway to what sort of content and information you communicate about your PRODUCT/SERVICE.

These are the most vital building blocks to your business.

This could feel overwhelming …….

Don’t worry – we got you!

You can book one to one business coaching to work through each section for your business and then build a plan to make it happen. 

We use the Business Model Canvas as a tool to help with this process. Do your homework and check out the video before your first session.