What is Business Coaching?

What is Business Coaching?

The most rewarding part of the coaching experience is the journey. Imagine meeting a young person, hearing their dreams, helping them develop their ideas, seeing them grow, encouraging them to take the first step; all leading to witnessing them make that dream become a reality – it’s NEXT LEVEL.

Chique, Start-up Business Coach at BLP

Business coaching is a holistic and client focused method of transforming a young person with a business idea, into a entrepreneur with the leadership skills to build businesses.

Our Business Coaches are trained to help you develop, build and grow your business using a number of different coaching methods, tools and techniques. They will help build you up, challenge your idea and help you create your own unique pathway into building a sustainable business.

Often a young person will come to us having been thinking about a business idea for over 6 months, or to sometimes over a year. We use our business coaching framework to have them test trading their idea within 3 months of their first coaching session. This ensures that the idea doesn’t remain idea but instead becomes an action plan of manageable tasks.

Sounds good, right? It is.

How do I start?

We start by doing an initial assessment with you where we get to know your business idea and aspirations.

You will be matched to one of our coaches depending on your needs.

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