1:1 Business

What is 1:1 Business Coaching?​

1:1 Business Coaching is a series of free mentoring sessions just for you and your business (up to 2 sessions a month).

You don’t need to know a lot beforehand – it’s all about learning as you go. We’ll give you tasks to do between sessions to help your business grow.

On the Business Accelerator Programme?

Throughout the programme, you will be assigned a business coach who will guide you, answer your questions and help you to apply your learnings from the programme specifically to your idea, brand or business.

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Which stage applies to you?

Which ever stage you find yourself at, your business coach will meet you where you’re at and guide you towards your goals.

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  • Guiding you through the stages of the programme.

  • Helping to tailor learning to your needs.

  • Advice and and general coaching

  • Start Your Business Journey: Follow a clear roadmap with easy steps to kickstart your business adventure.

  • Real Talk on Business Ownership: Hear from others’ experiences for a realistic view of what it’s like to run a business.

  • Keep Your Business Going: Get strategies and tips to ensure your business thrives in the long term.

  • Fund Your Business Smartly: Learn effective ways to get money for your business, ensuring it stays stable and grows.

  • Boost Your Networking Skills: Get encouragement and guidance to build a strong network, opening up collaboration and opportunities.

  • Craft Your Personal Brand: Make yourself the face of your business, boosting your mindset and confidence.
  • Polish Presentation Skills: Learn to present yourself well, leaving a positive and lasting impression on your audience.
  • Keep Learning: Get suggestions for more learning to refine your personal brand and deepen your understanding.
  • Share Skills Online: Empower yourself by sharing your skills on platforms like podcasts and social media, reaching a wider audience.
  • Make Money from Your Brand: Discover ways to earn money from your personal brand, turning your unique identity and expertise into a lucrative venture.
  • Clear Vision with Vision Boards: Create vision boards to see your business goals clearly and plan your path to success.
  • Build Your Business Plan: Learn how to make a simple business plan draft for a strong foundation.
  • Understand Your Ideas: Get help in making sense of your ideas and turning them into real plans.
  • Hands-On Starting Support: Practical assistance for starting your business, from getting products to creating a logo. We’re here for each step!
  • Come to Learn: Join us for an exciting learning experience.

  • Discover Business: Understand the basics of what business is all about.

  • Learning Stage: Dive into the stage of gaining knowledge and skills.

  • Share Business Experiences: Connect and exchange experiences with others in the business world.

  • Get Started: Feel inspired and motivated to kickstart your own business journey.

  • Embrace an Idea Mindset: Cultivate a mindset that welcomes and nurtures creative ideas.

  • Move to Ideation Stage: Progress with the intention to turn your ideas into reality.


"being a part of the programme, i've seen evolution in my ideas and my confidence. The support has been unmatched and my business coach is very knowledgeable and supportive of my goals and ideas.”

- Emmanuelle

Founder of FAITHZOEBEAUTY, Digital Content Creator, Entrepreneur and Aspiring Speaker

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