Employability Skills

Launch Your Career with Confidence: With Business Launchpad’s Employability programme.

Employability skills

AGES 16-30

The Employability Programme, a collaborative effort between Business Launchpad and Shapeways, empowers individuals on their journey to career success. Our dedicated employment coaches not only foster a nurturing environment but also become accountability partners and mentors, allowing clients to benefit from their active listening skills and compassion. Going beyond job placement, they actively support clients in achieving career aspirations, guiding through on-boarding, facilitating work experience, and recommending relevant courses.

Personalised assistance in goal-setting, CV crafting, and interview preparation equips participants with skills and confidence for a successful entry or transition into the job market. Additionally, for those with entrepreneurial ambitions, our program extends support by connecting them with experienced business coaches, providing valuable guidance and referrals for success in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Programme participants will benefit from

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Skills Development

Technical Skills: Provide participants with specific technical skills relevant to their chosen industry or field.

Soft Skills: Enhance communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and other soft skills crucial for professional success.

Career Awareness & Exploration

Self-awareness: Help participants identify their strengths, interests, and values to make informed career choices.

Industry Knowledge: Increase awareness of various industries, job roles, and career paths.

CV Building & Job Search Skills

CV Writing: Assist in creating effective resumes that highlight skills and experiences.

Job Search Techniques: Provide strategies for effective job searching, networking, and utilizing online platforms.

Interview and Networking Skills

Interview Preparation: Offer guidance on interview techniques, common questions, and professional etiquette.

Networking: Teach participants how to build and maintain professional networks.

Financial Literacy

Budgeting and Financial Planning: Equip participants with basic financial skills for personal and professional success.

Understanding Compensation: Help participants understand salary structures, benefits, and negotiation techniques.

Job Retention Skills

Adaptability: Prepare participants to navigate change and adapt to evolving work environments.

Conflict Resolution: Provide skills to handle workplace conflicts and challenges.

Placement & Job Success

Job Placement: Support participants in securing suitable employment opportunities.

Onboarding and Integration: Provide guidance on successful on boarding and integration into the workplace.

Post-Programme Support

Mentorship Opportunities: Facilitate connections with mentors or industry professionals for ongoing support.

Follow-Up Services: Offer post-programme support, such as career counselling or additional training resources.


AGES 16-30