Define sustainability in a business context, encompassing environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Explain the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

Discuss various sustainable business practices like reducing waste, energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources, sustainable sourcing, and recycling.

Explain how various environmental regulations can impact business operations and why compliance is crucial.

Discuss how sustainability can be integrated into the business strategy, leading to innovation and competitive advantage.

Explore the concept of a sustainable supply chain, discussing issues like fair trade, local sourcing, and life-cycle analysis.

Discuss the business’s responsibility towards society, including fair labor practices, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and ethical business practices.

Discuss how businesses can assess and measure their environmental and social impact.

Talk about the importance of transparency through sustainability reporting and how it helps build trust with stakeholders.

Discuss how businesses can market their sustainability efforts without falling into the trap of “greenwashing”.

Highlight how sustainable practices can benefit businesses in the long term, such as cost savings, improved brand reputation, customer loyalty, and attracting investors.



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